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Who we are

Elemental Cognition (EC) is the next wave of enterprise AI that can deliver the reliability and transparency businesses need. EC combines the fluency of large language models with the rigor of formal reasoning to solve complex problems when businesses can’t afford to be wrong.

EC was founded in 2015 by Dr. David Ferrucci, the renowned AI researcher and inventor of IBM’s breakthrough Watson technology, to build more holistic AI that thinks before it talks.


Reason beyond words.

Our mission at Elemental Cognition is building AI that can communicate with humans to reliably solve our hardest problems.


We are at a crossroads where AI can raise the bar and help us make better decisions when it comes to the biggest challenges we face.

LLMs unlock a huge opportunity for humans to interact with machines. The language barrier has been broken, but we cannot rely on natural language alone.

We must acknowledge and combine different forms of reasoning to help us make better, more personal, more transparent, and more caring decisions.

Our future depends on building AI that goes beyond natural language to include the rigor of formal reasoning. We need more holistic AI that is transparent, accountable, and accurate.